General dentistry involves evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a wide variety of dental conditions affecting the teeth, gums and the jaw.

We are a child-friendly practice, with Australia's first Waterlase IPlus dental laser in use to provide pain-free dentistry alternative to needles and drills for young and nervous patients.

At NMD, we are prevention-focused local dentists. We, therefore, recommend regular check-ups, which, from time to time, will include dental x-rays to help prevent and treat tooth decay and gum disease.

For further information on our complete range of general dentistry services, please contact us on 03 9557 0957.

General dentistry is the foundation of our practice. It includes:

  • Regular check ups
  • Hygiene visits
  • Treatment & prevention of gum disease
  • White fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Emergency dental care & pain relief
  • Wisdom teeth removal & other extractions
  • Management of facial pain