Why are my teeth yellower than other people's?

Enamel, a superficial layer of the tooth, gives teeth their white colour.

The thickness of enamel varies from person to person, from one tooth to another and between different areas on the same tooth. Areas of teeth or teeth with thinner enamel appear yellower due to the natural yellowness of the underlying dentine showing through more.

Why have my teeth changed colour over the years?

Over the years the teeth do change their colour. This happens due to normal process of wear & tear over the years. Cracks and pores that develop in our teeth get filled with food pigments and debris, discolouring the enamel.

Thinnening enamel also causes natural yellowness of the underlying tooth dentine to show through more and teeth appear yellower as a result. This often increases with age. Excessive tooth brushing, including electric toothbrushes, regular consumption of acidic foods such as juices & soft drinks, all dissolve enamel & make teeth appear yellower.

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Why teeth change colour over the years?

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Food & Drink

Coffee, tea, red wine, mustard, ketchup, curries, berries and literally any food or drink that is rich in colour do cause staining.

These foods contain chromogens, substances easily converted into dyes.


Two chemicals present in tobacco products that create stains are tar and nicotine. Tar is naturally dark. Nicotine, which is naturally colourless, turns into a yellowish, enamel-staining substance when mixed with oxygen.

Both discolour enamel quickly, causing unsightly and stubborn staining.


Teeth often change colour in response to injury. This happens as the nerve of the affected tooth is dying and the tooth is laying down more dentine, which is naturally darker than enamel.

Dental Procedures

Dental procedure, known as root canal therapy, often causes a treated tooth to get darker. This happens due to the lack of blood & nerve supply to a root filled tooth.

Some root filling materials that are used to completely seal the tooth root also stain teeth.